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(English) The 360 ​​Wrist Mount has been developed to easily attach an action camera to your wrist so that you always have it at hand. In addition, you also keep your hands free during exercise.

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PRO-Mounts 360 Wrist Mount for Action Cameras*

The 360 ​​Wrist Mount has been developed to easily attach an action camera to your wrist so that you always have it at hand. In addition, you also keep your hands free during exercise.

Portable Action Camera Mount

To attach an action camera to the 360 ​​Wrist Mount, all you need to do is loosen the mounting screw, click your action camera into the correct position on the connector and then retighten the screw. Thanks to the strong Velcro strap of the 360 ​​Wrist Mount, you can then fasten the wristband around your wrist exactly in such a way that your action camera films where you point your hand. Ideal for dynamic recordings.


The PRO-mounts products are compatible (suitable) for 90% of ALL Action Camera brands such as GoPro*, Nikkei, Solara, Denver, Xiaoyi, Rollei, Nilox and many more brands. Most Action Camera brands use the familiar. “action camera mounting system” these are the 2 protruding legs with a screw hole in them (at the bottom of your waterproof housing), all Cameras with this mounting are therefore suitable for use with the PRO mounts accessories. If you have an (Action) camera with a (1/4 size) screw hole at the bottom (they are usually traditional camera brands that have this system such as Sony, Nikon, Pentax and a few more) then you must first purchase a Camera Adapter. you screw this Camera Adapter into this ¼ size hole and it has the “action camera attachment” on the other side, making these Cameras also compatible for the use of a PRO-mounts accessory. If you still have doubts after reading this, no problem, call or email us and we’ll tell you whether your camera is also compatible.​

High-quality action camera mounts

There are plenty of opportunities to do creative things with your action camera, but of course it all has to be properly secured. That’s why there are the high-quality action camera accessories from PRO mounts. With these mounts you are sure of quality, it is not for nothing that PRO mounts give a 5 year warranty. So get the most out of your action camera with the handy PRO mounts action camera accessories to attach the camera to, for example, your helmet, your mountain bike, your race car or your surfboard.

Capturing sports activities with an action camera

PRO-mounts action camera accessories are made of high quality materials and they are specially developed for use in extreme sports, just like the action cameras themselves. With an action camera and a PRO-mounts accessory, you can record your extreme sports activities under almost all conditions, such as snowboarding, surfing, kite surfing, sport climbing and skating. But you can also shoot high-quality movies and photos on the go. For example, if you climb the Alpe d’Huez. Or you can attach an action camera to the roll cage in your race car if you are going to do a track day.

*this product is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or associated in any way with GoPro Inc. or its products. GoPro & Hero are registered trademarks of GoPro Inc.

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