DJI Goggles Racing Combo

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With video transmission as low as 50 ms and a transmission range up to 7 km, DJI Goggles RE offer an amazing FPV experience for drone racers, RC enthusiasts, and DJI drone owners.

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[1] Attainable when transmission resolution is set to 480p under FCC regulations at 2.4 GHz in ideal conditions. The recommended transmission distance is 2 km for fixed-wing aircraft and 200 m for drone racing.
[2] Camera Module and OcuSync Video Transmission Module sold separately.
[3] 720p 60 fps and 480p 50 fps transmission are also supported.
[4] 12 selectable transmission channels are available at 5.8 GHz and seven channels are available at 2.4 GHz.
[5] Supported with both OcuSync and analog video transmission.
[6] OcuSync Video Transmission Module and Camera Module are required.

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